Actual Challenges in Data Privacy

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Data is becoming increasingly valuable, and a wide range of economic as well as political activities are moving online. This new environment positively contributes to innovative business models. As the international economy moves further into a connected information space, the relevance of data protection and the need for controlling privacy will continuously intensify. In the global information economy, personal data have become the fuel driving much of current online activity.

Protecting data is an increasingly urgent challenge for policymakers. The purpose of personal data protection is not to just protect a person’s data, but to protect the very fundamental rights of persons that are related to that data. On that basis, data protection is recognized as an important field of law and policy development, and it combines elements of human rights and consumer protection.

Several factors are making the data privacy quite challenging:

  • The amount of the data the companies are collecting is growing exponentially, and for that reason it is becoming overwhelming to manage billions of data record. The governments, companies and business leaders around the world do understand the prodigious value of data, however the real issue here is the way to protect this data.

  • Compliance is an essential element in data privacy solutions. Data privacy has to be ensured every single day, meaning that it is supposed to be protected continuously. Most importantly, data privacy should a be part of a comprehensive corporate strategy.

  • The theft of intellectual property, otherwise, will be inevitable at some point. Organizations must be willing to investing in state-of-the-art technologies which ensure data defences are as resilient as possible.

  • Although most companies have some kind of data privacy governance, they turned their focus internally to defend their business interests. In this age of increased digital connectivity have to have more dynamic strategies for towards data privacy. This process requires seasoned third parties to develop a data privacy plan. The ultimate goal is to provide optimal business operations, while dealing with data privacy.

Taking all these into account, it is advisable to perform regular and constant check-ins to make sure that the corporate procedures are being followed properly. Once the appropriate actions have been carried out, it is possible to handle the challenges in data privacy, and eventually improve cyber maturity.

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