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About Us

Cyberify is a specialized cybersecurity and privacy consulting company providing services to business and public customers in Switzerland.

Our Story

​We are an agile provider of cyber security and data protection consulting and talent screening services in Switzerland.

Our customer base ranges from start‑ups and small and medium‑sized businesses to the public institutions.

Our unique expertise enables us to propose a global approach to cyber security and data protection.

We offer services and solutions covering the entire cyber security and privacy value chain, from governance and strategy through to resilient technical designs, architectures, and implementations.


We apply our experience in cyber-security gained in various industries, from small to large businesses. Our people are seasoned, certified professionals who continuously improve and extend their knowledge.


We rely on most recognized, easily auditable and global standards and best practices and apply them pragmatically. We always tailor our approach to our customers' particular context, needs, and organization culture in job hiring.


We make use of the most advanced and reliable techniques and solutions to support our services. This enables us to be more efficient during delivery, enforce the use of standard auditable methods and provide transparency about our achievements and your results.

Experienced Leadership

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